'Automated workflow management'

SBL's background in information technology and software development is a deep resource for the VFX / VR division.

Ingest, naming conventions, production tracking, and deliveries have been a constant problem for VFX facilities and their vendors. The client needs to know where their shots are in the pipeline and when they will be delivered. Temps, new elements, revisions, handles, holds, trailer versions, time zones, confusing emails and spreadsheets, all complicate an already complex workflow.

Communication is critical. A seamless metadata and digital asset management system that the client can access 24/7 is being developed with an adaptable, easy to use dashboard to organize work distribution, file and server organization, while capturing studio metrics to measure progress and productivity. In addition to the internal benefits, this software can significantly increase shot and project status transparency to SBL’s clients through scripted on demand reporting and query dashboards. Our systems lead the way for customers to bridge their workflow transitions. We don’t just help you manage your projects but plan ahead to mitigate risks even at the bidding stage.

SBL’s first priority is always its customers. Every customer is an invaluable asset and long- lasting relationship for us and hence we make timely alerts about the progress of client projects at every single phase of production. We make sure that even minute transitions are detailed to the customer.

SBL employs the best of technology expertise to assure an ideal project and workflow management structure is tracking the digital assets as they pass through every stage of our pipeline. We have a full-fledged project management team who meticulously track the progress of client projects through timely reports and custom dashboards; enabling you to understand, visualize, plan and act on the information we provide.