We have cracked the VR post processing; and we were the first in the industry to implement the Virtual Reality pipeline in Nuke using CARA. SBL has selected the right mix of people to help exceed your expectations in Virtual Reality. The best compositors and stitchers in the Industry today are our core team. Our team assembles incredible live-action Virtual Reality content with a timely and affordable model.

Seamless creation of Virtual Reality videos is now our skill and the quality speaks our credibility. We have the expertise of handling your monoscopic and stereoscopic VR content. Having worked with with different variations of camera rig, we understand what it needs to generate an output that you have in mind.


Seamlessly stitched stereo or mono VR content from commercial or custom multi-camera rigs to create a seamless immersive environment.

Correcting exposure and white balance differences between cameras to remove distracting visual disparities

Stabilize shots during or after stitching to produce a more comfortable, dynamic VR experience without compromising quality

An experienced team that can apply compositing techniques including Paint, roto and tracking, directly on 360° footage

Assembly, Stitching, Color/Stereo Correction using the latest software including CARA